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3 formats de maquettes 3D / BIM : .rvt ; .step ; .ifc

BIM model formats and interoperability challenges

Discover what are the specificities of the different BIM model formats as well as the interoperability challenges that arise from their use.
March 22 2024

Increase reliability and speed up the production of 2D plans based on a point cloud

Learn how exploiting a point cloud can produce 2D plans efficiently and reduce the risk of errors.
November 14 2023
My Digital Buildings and Samp partnership

My Digital Buildings and Samp partner to accelerate the development of digital twins in the industry

My Digital Buildings and Samp formalize their partnership to accelerate the development of digital twins in industry
November 06 2023
Press release
Multi-technology 3D scan

Why opt for a multi-technology 3D scanning protocol?

Discover how a survey protocol allows you to benefit from “tailor-made” capture by taking advantage of the advantages of each of the selected solutions.
July 17 2023
Modélisation 3D de réseaux CVC

BIM modeling: Focus on the levels of detail (LOD) of networks and terminals

Découvrez ce qui différencie les niveaux de détail (LOD) de modélisation des réseaux et terminaux, et quels sont les usages courants qui leur sont associés.
March 29 2023
3D scan operators in a logistics environment

4 steps to build a complete 3D scan consultation

Discover how to develop a 3D scan consultation to ensure its success, in just 4 steps.
February 22 2023
3D scan operator on a disaster site

3D scanning: an innovative solution for the study of aftermath fires

While access to a disaster site is restricted, and the studies required for the restoration project numerous, freezing the condition of a damaged building and making it available has many advantages.
July 11 2022
BIM document diagram

On what documents is a BIM process based?

Charter, requirements documents, and BIM Conventions, discover and compare the different documents used during a BIM process.
April 26 2022
Mobile scanner interface view

The 5 key steps for a successful 3D scan of a building

Discover the key stages of a and the associated decision-making to successfully complete a 3D scanning project.
April 22 2022

Interactive Buildings #4: Sensors for our smartphones that see in 3D

Discover the world of “imaging” sensors with David Maucotel, Business Line Manager at STMicroelectronics, one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers.
April 15 2022

3D scanning, definition and uses in buildings

How does a 3D scanner work and what are the main uses in the building sector?
13 April 2022
Hospital point cloud

Payerne Hospital - 3D scan for an extension project

When digitizing an active hospital, the capture speed is a key factor in limiting the disruption associated with a 3D scanning operation. In this article, find out how we surveyed an 18,000 m² hospital in just 4 days.
March 4 2022
Building point cloud

Generate and use the 3D point cloud of a building

Learn how to generate and use a building's 3D point cloud for design projects or studies.
February 24 2022
Interxion virtual tour

Interxion - The virtual visit as a marketing and sales tool

Learn how Interxion's marketing and sales teams used the digital twin of their data centers to maintain their global expansion in 2020.
January 7 2022
Interxion demonstrator

Interxion - River Cooling System Demo

Explore how the River Cooling system works at Interxion's Marseille data centers through their digital twin.
December 21 2021
BIM model

In'li - A BIM experiment in operation maintenance management

As part of our integration of the in'li Lab in September 2020, we collaborated with in'li on a first experiment in BIM GEM.
Octobrer 13 2021
Visual Podcast Episode 3

Interactive Buildings #3: IoT, a requirement for Smart Buildings

In this episode, discover how IoT structures work and how they are positioned as the starting point for Smart Building.
July 20 2021
Digitized EDF power plants

EDF - 5 fully digitized hydraulic power plants

Five power plants in the Romanche Valley have been digitized for digital archiving before their final shutdown.
July 1 2021
Visual Podcast Episode 2

Interactive Buildings #2: Indoor geolocation, for what uses?

Geofencing, asset tracking, indoor guidance: a multitude of uses around location are emerging, in the hospital environment and elsewhere.
April 30 2021
Visual Podcast Episode 1

Interactive Buildings #1: What is the future for the virtual tour?

Real estate, construction, industry, the uses around the virtual tour are now taking place in a multitude of sectors.
April 15 2021
Blogpost: digital twin and maintenance

Optimizing the maintenance of a building thanks to its digital twin

Remote collaboration, task management, discover how to optimize your maintenance processes thanks to the digital twin of your building.
March 22 2021
MyHealth @Work interface

MyHealth @Work - 3D scanning to reduce the risks of MSDs

Discover how 3D building scanning and production line modeling can help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders
March 18 2021
GEM Labs Digital Campus

GEM Labs - Create and operate the digital twin of your campus

A collaboration with Grenoble École de Management, which is digitizing its educational approach through the digital twin of their buildings.
March 22 2022
Blogpost: 3D scanning solutions

What 3D survey solution (s) should you choose for your project?

3D building survey solutions are more and more numerous and specific. Here is a state of the art of the main options available on the market.
October 26 2020
Alstom BIM modeling

Alstom - Simulation and optimization of industrial site layouts

A first scan to BIM project conducted with the key player in the railway industry for layout simulation.
August 2 2020
point cloud and digital model

The Scan to BIM: from the point cloud to the BIM Model

Discover what are the different stages of a Scan to BIM project: from the 3D survey to the BIM digital model of a building.
July 24 2020
BIM GEM digital model

Exploiting BIM for the Management, Operation and Maintenance of your assets [Part 2]

In the second part of this section on BIM and the management of built assets, discover the different uses of BIM in GEM.
July 06 2020
Smart Port Challenge Banner

My Digital Buildings, winners of the Smart Port Challenge!

We participated in the Smart Port Challenge this month and we are happy to announce that we are one of the 8 winners of this second edition!
June 17 2020
BIM GEM digital model

Exploiting BIM for the Management, Operation and Maintenance of your assets [Part 1]

Wealth managers face numerous economic and technical challenges in managing their assets. How can BIM be an element in responding to these problems?
June 10 2020
2D maps and accessibility pictograms

Accessibility, how to use the BIM model?

There is an important challenge in making buildings accessible in general. A BIM approach can be useful and effective in dealing with this subject using new tools.
May 12 2020
Niveau de détail LOD BIM

Define the level of detail (LOD) of your BIM model

Defining a LOD (level of detail) makes it possible to optimize the costs and deadlines associated with modeling, while guaranteeing a digital model consistent with its needs.
March 3 2020
Maille'Immo banner

My Digital Buildings joins the Maille'Immo accelerator

Maille'Immo, a cluster of technological and social innovation in real estate, has selected the first 8 start-ups that will join the structure on February 20, and we are part of it!
February 10 2020
Nuage de points hélicoptère

Simulation of the layout of a helicopter hangar

An example from capture to layout simulation using modern tools for rapid acquisition without compromising quality. This pilot project has various advantages of using the prior digitization of a building to work from its digital twin.
June 05, 2019
Digitalization of facility management

Digitalization of Facility Management, where do we stand?

Employee well-being, reduction of expenses related to the operation of buildings, better building management, how does the digitalization of Facility Management become a vector of value and attractiveness?
April 29 2019
BIM World banner

BIM World 2019 trends

The BIM World exhibition, which took place on 2 and 3 April 2019, has joined the big leagues, as its move to the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre proves it. In this article, discover our overview of the trends emerging from it.
April 14 2019
Global Industry Banner

The High-Tech Trends of the Global Industries 2019 Show

The 2019 Global Industrie exhibition in Lyon was a real witness to the digital transformation of the industry!
March 12 2019