What is a 3D point cloud?

One point cloud is a 3D digital representation of an object or space. It consists of millions of points placed in an x, y, and z coordinate system.

By following similar acquisition protocols (by lasergrammetry) it is possible to produce point clouds of mechanical parts, cities, or buildings.

At the scale of a building, the point cloud is a true 3D imprint of its structure, but also of what it contains (when an interior capture has been made).

This representation of the building, as close as possible to reality, is very suitable for the search for details, for precise analyses such as dimensional measurement or flatness analysis for example.

It will also be the ideal support for modeling a building in 3D, following a scan to BIM process.

Generate a 3D point cloud

The measurement systems for generating a 3D point cloud are based on the principle of lasergrammetry and on the use of LiDAR sensors, which 3D scanners are equipped with.

These sensors emit a light beam that scans the environment horizontally and vertically. When the beam encounters an obstacle (wall, floor, furniture, machine, etc.), the distance between the transmitter and the obstacle is measured. This makes it possible to place a point in space at the right distance and orientation from the transmitter. Repeating this process during the scan will create a raw point cloud.

Depending on the acquisition method and the device used, a point cloud can be in black and white or in color.

Acquiring a single raw point cloud rarely covers an entire building. It will then be a question of producing, recalibrating and assembling several point clouds.

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