What is georeferencing?

Georeferencing is the process of positioning a point or a spatial entity (e.g. a 3D point cloud or digital model) in a geographic coordinate system by geodesy.

During a project of 3D scan Or of BIM modeling, the objective of georeferencing is to bring together different coordinate systems in a common frame of reference to facilitate exchanges between the two.

For example, georeferencing a digital model makes it possible to link this “local” entity to a GIS (Geographic Information System) acting as a more “global” system.

For example, this would allow the connection of external building networks (e.g. sanitation networks) to the internal networks of a digital model, or even to simulate the impact of its environment on a building (e.g. simulations of exposure to sun or wind).

Since data from one can have an impact on the other, interoperability between the two systems is important.

How do I perform georeferencing?

To georeference a point cloud or a digital model up to a level of metric precision, coordinate points will be recorded using a GNSS probe.

These canes will make it possible to identify project points and to link them to the global coordinate system in which to georeference the project.

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