What is lasergrammetry?

Lasergrammetry is the technique using LiDAR sensors and laser radiation to scan an area and generate a 3D point cloud. From traditional laser rangefinders to the newest 3D scan solutions, measurement systems are based on the principle of lasergrammetry.

How does a lasergrammetry process break down?

As far as 3D scanning is concerned, a lasergrammetric process is divided as follows:

  1. The LiDAR sensors placed on the scanner emit a light beam that scans the area horizontally and vertically until obstacles (floor, wall, furniture, machine, etc.) are encountered.
  2. The distance to each obstacle is then measured and a point is positioned in space.

Repeating this scanning process thus makes it possible to sample the environment by placing a point at each location where an obstacle is encountered, to constitute an entire point cloud.

Lasergrammetry is the leading 3D acquisition method when it comes to digitizing a building.

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