What is a BIM requirements document?

The BIM fsd is part of the documents that govern a BIM process. It succeeds the BIM Charter and will be accompanied by the BIM Convention to frame a BIM project.

Each of these three documents fulfills a more specific role in defining the processes of a BIM project.

With regard to the BIM rd, this document specific to the project owner aims to explore in detail the objectives and expectations of putting a project into the BIM context. To do this, the BIM rd will be inspired by the more global BIM strategy specified in the BIM Charter, and will apply it to the specificities of a project.

Thus, it will specify elements such as:

  • The BIM objectives and use cases of the project;
  • Project milestones and associated deliverables;
  • The objectives and responsibilities of each project member;
  • The technical requirements of the model (georeferencing, structure, format, naming rules, control method, etc.)

Why produce a BIM CDC?

Writing a BIM FSD will allow the project owner to give guidelines and a working environment to project stakeholders, and in particular to the design project manager.

In particular, these guidelines will ensure that the APM oversees the project and ensures the achievement of these objectives and uses.

This document is generally written by the project owner or by the project's BIM project manager or internally by the APM.

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