What is a BIM Convention?

The BIM convention is a document that is inspired by the guidelines of the BIM Charter and the BIM FSD. Its objective is to provide an operational BIM strategy for a project.

On a major project, several BIM conventions can follow one another for each of its phases (e.g.: one can be defined for the design phase, then followed by another for the execution phase for the PM).

Together, they define the BIM Execution Plan for the project.

At the same time, themselves are evolving since a project is a long-term project. The convention therefore evolves naturally to adapt to new entities, to the uses and needs of the project.

A history of versions should therefore be maintained.

What does a BIM convention contain?

The BIM conventiont is the document specifying:

  • The methods of organizing the project;
  • The role of each entity;
  • Graphical representation methods;
  • Project data management and transfer;
  • Processes;
  • Digital model models and software versions;
  • Uses (concrete use cases that should emerge from the BIM approach);
  • The collaborative environment of BIM, making it possible to specify the project workflow.

The BIM Convention is a document drawn up with the participation of the project manager and will be updated to remain in line with the evolution of the project.

Note: the BIM Convention may be called BIM Protocol in some cases.

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