What is a BIM Charter?

The BIM Charter is a founding element among The documents that govern a BIM process. Indeed, the BIM Charter establishes the policy and the guidelines for the BIM strategy of a project owner.

Unlike the BIM FSD or the BIM Convention, the BIM Charter concerns all PM projects.

For example, this document will specify:

  • The general principles of digital model production (georeferencing, good modeling practices, version management, format, etc.);
  • Expected deliverables according to targeted use cases and phases of the building's life cycle;
  • The technical specifications of the digital model (e.g.: LOD, LOI, correspondence with IFC classes; structuring rules);
  • The roles and responsibilities of each member.

It is generally the BIM APM who will support the APM in framing its needs, by conducting an audit on its way of working to produce the BIM Charter that will give the PM a a direction.

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